The Queensland Health Library Network Selects Ex Libris Cloud Solutions

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Sixteen health libraries will benefit from collaboration and resource savings to improve access to information for health professionals

Ex Libris® Group, a global leader in library automation services, is pleased to announce that the Queensland Health (QH) Library Network, in partnership with the State Library of Queensland, has chosen the Ex Libris Alma® library management service and the Primo® discovery and delivery solution. Together these integrated systems will give all Queensland Health staff access to evidence-based clinical information from their desktops.

The public health system in Queensland comprises a user community of some 70,000 full-time staff, many of whom need access to medical research and information on a regular basis. Sixteen health libraries within QH serve the information needs of clients in metropolitan, regional, remote and rural communities.

With its state-of-the art technical advances, Alma will enable librarians to efficiently manage the significant library resources housed in these libraries. Alma is a next-generation library management solution which will unify operations across library collections and enable users to enjoy the full wealth of Queensland Health clinical and other information resources. Alma recognises libraries’ present and future needs and is capable of managing all resource types, whether electronic, print or digital. Statistics and data obtained from the system will not only facilitate decision-making processes but will also support the targeted improvement of services.

Primo enables users of the system to search all resource types from a single user-interface, and to receive a single, relevance-ranked result list. The sophisticated search and ranking technology of Primo, its intuitive browsing options, and its support for serendipitous discovery will enable users at QH to easily find and seamlessly access the resources they need.

Prince Charles Hospital Library Manager Mr. Chris Parker commented that “the Queensland Health Library network is the largest such group of health libraries in Australia. Librarians make a real difference to the organisational culture and research focus of Queensland Health in an extensive range of research, clinical education and training units throughout the state of Queensland. The Libraries support health and medical research development and act as a portal for researchers, clinicians and students. The use of Alma and Primo by the network will allow us to implement best practice processes and streamline our technical services work. This will enable library staff to concentrate on direct services to our customers—those who care for patients.”

“I am pleased to welcome the Queensland Health Library Network into the expanding Alma and Primo community in Australia and New Zealand,” Holley Dumble, sales director at Ex Libris Australia and New Zealand, remarked. “We believe that Ex Libris solutions can bring major benefits to all fields involved in the organization and exposure of scholarly content, and this decision by a large health network demonstrates that Primo and Alma have a wider constituency outside the traditional academic library community.”

About the State Library of Queensland
The State Library of Queensland has been enriching the lives of its community for over a century and is the legal deposit library of the state. Reimagining its services, the library is progressively realizing the potential of digital technologies and collaborative approaches for enabling people to discover, use, and share content from its local and global library collections. The library has active partnerships with National and State Libraries Australasia; the public library network in Queensland; many cultural institutions, schools, and universities; and all levels of government. For more information, see

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